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This site is concerned with education issues and educational sciences, and aims to spread and teach the Arabic language. The site also provides all the public lectures delivered by Dr. Muhammad Ali Al-Khouli in various forums, and a complete archive of his works, research and books. . In addition to the possibility of booking private or public educational lessons, to teach the Arabic language to its immigrant children, and to non-Arabic speakers around the world.

Digital education changed the equation, and gave it more ways to solve, while the educational process was confined to physical presence in the past, today the ether is crowded with wonderful lessons and courses.

Our courses

Learning Arabic for non-Native speakers


Arabic language courses for all levels, from the zero level to the higher advanced level in Classical Standard, Modern Standard and Levantine dialect.

Our courses are ongoing at all times. You can communicate to book the time that suits for you, and the courses are suitable all ages according to the latest curriculum in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

Learning Arabic for kids

Arabic language courses for children according to a curriculum dedicated to them and equipped with the cultural skill that provides them with the necessary sufficiency to understand the cultural characteristics of the Arabic language. Courses for all levels, from the zero level to the higher advanced level

Our courses are based on an approach based on scientific research to develop educational material in language, communication, and cultural skills.
Reservation is ongoing at all times, you can contact us to reserve the appropriate time.

Teacher training

تصميم بدون عنوان

These courses are to provide teachers with the latest methods, techniques, and classroom procedures in teaching the Arabic language, and to transfer experiences and expertise to reach standard performance and high efficiency in education.

The courses are numerous and vary according to the needs of the institution wishing to develop its team, and training material is developed according to the requirements and necessary skills. You can contact us to schedule the time and date of the course.

Arabic grammar

Entry Level

The technical teacher

Vocational training

Learn without limits.. without restrictions.

Free courses

Our mission

Teacher training

Creative thinking and problem-solving represent the most important educational techniques that a language trainer must obtain. Language teaching is not based on lectures and memorization of abstract information cut off from communication and exercise. Rather, it does conscious training for the student, and the teacher is a guide and supervisor of the educational process and not a party to knowledge transfer. In these courses, teachers interested in development will learn about the most important strategies and techniques that enhance the concept of active learning, starting from planning and preparing the educational process, passing through modeling and simulation of the language community, all the way to assessment, evaluation, and feedback.

Teaching Arabic to non-native speakers

Today, education has moved to a new scope, where digital education is a distinct and promising horizon towards the acceleration of education, but this depends on active learning, which is a great challenge that can be overcome by excluding distractions that may occupy the student, and taking advantage of the latest technology in education, to advance Language skills and their development among students. In these courses, we will move to a new level in education, and make distance education a mature and flexible reality, starting with providing the student with the tools that enable him to make the most of online education, Until the student reaches full proficiency in the Arabic language.

Teaching Arabic to the children of Arab immigrants and to children everywhere

Language represents identity and belonging, and because of the isolation of Arab immigrants from their homelands and new societies that occupied children with teaching second languages, teaching them the Arabic language today has become one of the most urgent priorities. The Internet and the means of technology have served to communicate with children in different countries and teach them the Arabic language. In these lessons, I present to immigrant students a curriculum that suits their linguistic level with the few times available to them to learn the Arabic language. It speeds up the learning process by providing what connects them with their mother tongue and helps them to communicate in complete Arabic.

Students' reviews

Ali's lessons are both challenging and fun. He is a very supportive teacher with a clear idea of how to teach MSA Arabic and Levantine Arabic - regarding small details in the lesson, larger ideas about how to develop understanding of the language over time and useful homework. Would highly recommend!
Jodie Spencer
Ali is an excellent teacher with a profound knowledge of the Arabic language. It is truly a joy to take his lessons.
Rex Langenberg
Ali is an excellent teacher. I have learned with him in a few lesson many concept that I have overlooked in the past. He well prepare during class and very helpful I am looking forward to continue studying Arabic with Ali.
Gabriel Franco
I enjoyed my lesson today with Dr. Ali Alkhuli very much. We learned something about arabic history and naming culture combined with religious origin and linguistic developments. The topic is very demanding and at the same time highly interesting. His ability to simplify things is incredible. His explanations are crystal clear. He writes all the unknown terms down and explains background information afterwards it all becomes clearer. Thank you very much.
Zoljargal Neumann
Dr.AlKhouli is a very patient, guide-providing and professional teacher, I’m a language learner myself, I’d say I’m very picky about strategies for learning languages, firstly comes strategy and then intensity, and then repetition. And for lessons that I’ve completed with Dr.Alkhouli, I’d say his methods are very beneficial and professional, you’ll see grammar points all the way from elementary to the intermediate then higher, and he’ll make the explanations by professional (yani linguistic) way. It’s very crucial to find a teacher who could give you proper supports and a suitable pace to get started, it’s a very pleasant experience to study with Dr.Alkhouli, Tsharrafna
Rıza Mehrdadi​

Activities and Events

Self-development is a perpetual wheel that should not stop or slow down at any given time. Participation in academic and scientific activities that provide a person with knowledge of his practical field is very important. Among the activities are those that focus on developing the student’s language and compensating him for the spatial distance from the real language community. Therefore, most of the activities represent modeling and simulation of the cultural reality of the Arabic language and the embodiment of the cultural agreements of the members of the linguistic community as a reality for students so that they can communicate with the people of the language and understand the cultural dimensions.